Occupy Sheffield begin 24 hour pop-up camp

Occupy Sheffield outside Sheffield Town Hall

Occupy Sheffield began a 24 hour pop-up camp outside Sheffield Town Hall this morning. There are currently seven occupiers at the camp, with more said to be on their way.

The pop-up camp was rescheduled from last night after concerns were raised over safety and Occupy Sheffield’s image.


The camp assembled at 10:00 this morning with three occupiers. Occupier Joe Everyday, 21, commented on the low turn-out: “it’s a knock down from yesterday.

“In the UK we don’t really do public protest,” he said.

Quaker Jean Wildgoose is a sympathetic to Occupy’s cause. She said that people are “a bit disheartened” after the eviction of the camp from Sheffield Cathedral.

Trainee teacher Sarah Wild, 28, looked hopeful as she assured her fellow occupiers “there will be people here later.”


By 12:40 pm there were seven occupiers at the camp. They included 36-year-old Ben Jackson, the most vocal proponant of rescheduling last night’s pop-up camp.

Yesterday evening Jackson raised concerns over the safety of the camp given the rowdy nightlife in the city center. He also thought that dwindling numbers could damage Occupy Sheffield’s image.

Today, Jackson appeared ambivalent about the decision to reschedule. He said that he wished he hadn’t been as outspoken about abandoning the camp before finally concluding: “I feel entirely positive about the whole thing.”

An ‘idea’

Sheffield Hallam student James Exancopoulos, 20, has been with Occupy Sheffield since it’s inception.

He seemed unphased by the low numbers, saying: “Occupy is more of an idea than an organisation or a group.”

He went on to say that abandoning last night’s camp was “definitely” the right decision.

“We plan to camp every weekend,” he said.

UPDATE: Multiple reports indicate that Occupy Sheffield had packed up and disbanded by 4:30 pm on Saturday 10th March


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