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Vintage fair underway at Sheffield Town Hall

The Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair is trading at Sheffield Town Hall today. Merchants from up and down the country are selling clothing and jewellery from the retro years of the twentieth century.

The fair is a business run by Sheffield’s own 28-year old Louise Whitehead. It started as a promotional event for her Sheffield store Bang Bang Vintage located on Westfield Terrace.

‘Genuine vintage’

After it’s intitial success, it was clear to Whitehead that the fair could become a lucrative business. That was four years ago. Since then, the fair has grown massively in popularity and now tours four times a year in 30 different cities.

On her success she says: “we make sure we have really good stock – that it’s genuine vintage.”

The shopping experience

Each vendor pays £100 to set up a stall at the fair. One such vendor is James Davis with his partner Shannon Carberry. The couple run eBay store The Vintage Scene from their Doncaster home.

Davis says that the fair allows his customers to have a better shopping experience. He says that the tactile experience of shopping is forfeited when you run an online store.

“People like to try things on,” he says.


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